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Orthopaedic Surgery Residency

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The Orlando Health Orthopaedic Residency continues to have one of the best reputations in the country. Since 1954 the residency program has graduated excellent surgeons with exceptional surgical skills who are commonly accepted into the most elite fellowships across the country when not going out directly into practice. Our hand fellows work symbiotically with the residents on the hand rotation in order to provide only the best clinical care to our hand and upper extremity patients. Fellows play a key roll in assisting with the education of the residents on hand and upper extremity conditions both inside and outside of the operating room.  In addition, fellows will be given graduated responsibility and autonomy early on in their fellowship year, allowing them to assist the residents with managing the hand and upper extremity service.


We understand that both the hand and upper extremity fellowship and the orthopaedic residency can be challenging and demanding from a work and time management standpoint. Because of this, we recognize the value and importance of fellow and resident mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. We have developed a strong wellness program that consists of a fulltime, readily available wellness counselor as well as protected time for fellow, resident, and faculty team building and development.

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